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Greenchain Harvest your rainwater, everyone else is.Slide thumbnail

Claim your rainwater. Everyone else is.

We provide smart, affordable water management systems, enabling many to become self reliant for their water.  Request a quote.

Save water

Keep your water consumption below the bar, by re-using water you have already paid for

Save money

Effectively cut your water costs in two, simply by using your water twice

Happy garden

Keep your garden green and lush, by nourishing it with water you’ve harvested yourself

Top up your pool

No need to let your pool dry up, our solutions allow for regular pool top up from your own supply


Greenchain Rainwater Harvesting About
Greenchain Engineering was founded in 2016 by Styger Kruger and Peter Turner; the company is a green orientated engineering firm, focusing on the development of environmentally and socioeconomically sustainable products and systems.
Greenchain is currently working hard on our Water Management Suite of products. The suite will include Smart Greywater, Rainwater and Irrigation systems – all observable and controllable from our mobile app. Currently we have several, more simple systems available – namely our “Rain to Home” Rainwater Harvesting Kit. 
In the future, we wish to extend our business to incorporate many different suites and systems, all of them linked up in a chain that is easily managed from one place.

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